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  1. I emailed Mary about it and she said the form should be sent out 7 days after the letter was printed.
  2. For those who have been waitlisted, have any of you received the email with the online form to accept/decline the waitlist spot that was mentioned in the letter?
  3. Just got my letter that I’m on the alternate list! Interviewed 9/25 at the 1pm session.
  4. I received an email right after submitting my availability that said it was a confirmation of my date and time, but I also received the email that said the actual confirmation would be sent today with the schedule. I haven’t received the actual confirmation yet either, so I’m not exactly sure haha.
  5. Yes, I got it maybe 20 minutes after I chose the date
  6. Congrats! Did they invite you by phone or email?
  7. I've shadowed an ortho-spine PA in surgery and clinic at Gillette Children's. They have a form on their website that you can fill out to request to shadow through their observer program. I also just arranged some shadowing in the ED at Regions Hospital through a friend of mine who works there. I tried to shadow at Northfield Hospital & Clinics but they aren't currently taking any observers, but it would definitely be worth looking into in the future!
  8. Just received my rejection without interview, good luck to everyone else!
  9. Has anyone gotten a confirmation that their application has been received yet?
  10. I just received an email saying that all my materials are in and they will be reviewing my application in the coming weeks. How long after that did you guys get an interview invitation?
  11. I got an email that my application was received about three weeks after submitting it. They said their internal review process will begin in October!
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