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  1. Lots of tips about housing are in the survival guide current students send! Financial aid information was emailed to us in mid February so I’m surprised you haven’t gotten that yet. Honestly they will just send you to the financial aid office with additional questions anyway which is available at 7137984603 or financialaid@bcm.edu (email generally better right now because most people are working from home)
  2. We had the same problem last year so don't panic haha. We called and let them know then they emailed us saying it was fixed then it worked for everyone.
  3. Current students are working on it and will have it released once we have permission from the program (they have admin stuff to do first), I remember how frustrating it was to not have it right away because you can't wait to meet everyone. I promise it will be up as soon as possible!
  4. To add to this in regards to our class size, the only course we have that big is anatomy because we take it with the med students. However that is only for lecture. In lab we have less than 10 students in a room with each professor and usually a med student to help, so I come to all of the labs with a list of questions of things that are unclear to me and the professors all take so much time to go through it with us on the cadaver repeatedly until we understand. We have time for that because we don't have to do the dissections, which I was bummed about when starting but am now so happy for with our busy schedules. The courses where you need to ask questions the most (especially clinical medicine which is the most content dense class) it is only us PA students together! In regards to technology I am not sure what you are specifically looking for, but we practice on the medical simulation manikins a lot and practice our physical exams, ultrasound, etc on each other weekly. Please reach out to the program with any concerns you have, they will be honest with you if it is valid and will offer you information that may have been missed if not -Leah, PA-S
  5. Yes, we are super excited to meet you guys!! Come up with some good questions for us at the happy hour after the interview when it is only students.
  6. I only had about a weeks notice. I sort of had to tell my boss sorry but I have to go. Flights and hotels were also expensive so last notice which wasn't ideal, so that is one perk of you guys not interviewing in person.
  7. Hi all! I just wanted to let all of you waitlisters know that I was on the interview waitlist last year, was given an interview, and was accepted, so do not give up hope!! We can't wait to (virtually) meet all of you soon! - Leah, BCM PA-S1
  8. Moving from Pennsylvania! Hoping we can get that accepted student facebook page soon so we can all discuss plans
  9. I called two hours ago. They said they were working on it but still no success on my end
  10. Got my acceptance call at 10:30 this morning. So so happy!! I can’t wait to meet all of you.
  11. Interviewed 11/21, waitlisted today via email. Best of luck to everyone else from my group!!
  12. Same here. Asked for a status update but was not able to get one unfortunately.
  13. Congrats!! Would you mind sharing your stats?
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