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  1. Moving from Pennsylvania! Hoping we can get that accepted student facebook page soon so we can all discuss plans
  2. I called two hours ago. They said they were working on it but still no success on my end
  3. Got my acceptance call at 10:30 this morning. So so happy!! I can’t wait to meet all of you.
  4. Interviewed 11/21, waitlisted today via email. Best of luck to everyone else from my group!!
  5. Same here. Asked for a status update but was not able to get one unfortunately.
  6. Congrats!! Would you mind sharing your stats?
  7. Congrats to you both! Would you mind sharing your stats?
  8. I wrote about growing up in a community with poor access to healthcare, how I decided to become a PA (and why PA specifically), and about my experiences while working in a healthcare setting. Fairly standard I think.
  9. Not really sure. My only thought is that none of my clinical experience had recognizable titles. Most of it was from a half volunteer half paid clinical research position, so I am guessing they did not accept it?
  10. I got a formal rejection, so hearing nothing is not that.
  11. Congrats to you both! Would you mind sharing your stats?
  12. Has anyone heard anything yet? It seems like invites started around this time last year
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