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  1. Wow, I didn't know that. Hopefully the dominoes will start falling since California is one of the biggest states.
  2. Thank you so much for your insight. Do you think eventually PAs will have the same political backing as NPs? The number of PAs continues to rise so I would hope the political body grows as well.
  3. My question was basically if I am making a well informed decision or not. Is it even worth it to go to PA school for me to get all that debt ?
  4. I have always lurked around the forums, looking at information that is useful to me for the past several months. I had no reason to post prior to this..just wanted some advice from PAs who have been practicing for a while. Thank you.
  5. I just wanted some feedback of people who already have years in the field and could provide any sort of feedback of if I am making a well informed decision. Thank you for your feedback!
  6. Hello everyone, first off I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and giving me any sort of input as I am extremely indecisive on this topic. A little about me:I am a 19 year old male who is currently attending a mid-size private college in NY and pursuing a Health Science degree, on track to graduate in 3 semesters. I also recently got my EMT certification and have been volunteering at my local ambulance corp for the past 7 months as an EMS member, and really enjoy it.I have been set on going into healthcare since high school, and I have multiple members in my family who work in the health care field who have been an influence on my decision. I am looking to go into primary care, and right now, I am having an extremely tough time deciding whether to pursue NP or PA. I know some of you may be thinking, you're so young, why don't you just go to medical school? The truth is, I am scared of all the loans after medical school and don't see it as a wise financial thing to do. For a while, after researching a ton of PA schools, I am baffled at how expensive these programs have become over the past couple of years, around $100,000 for the whole program, plus I have to account for rent, food, car, etc. I wouldn't be able to pay this during school so this could skyrocket with interest to almost or over 200k.Or, I can pursue NP. I can easily transfer schools smoothly right now (commute to school 20 min away) and get my BSN within 2 years, graduate, and work as a RN. I would have about 20k of undergrad loans after graduating, live with my family who provide housing and food, and work my ass off for 2 years as a nurse and save as much money as I can, as I am about 45 minutes from NYC and could potentially get a good gig at hospitals/clinics near me. This would give me a good head start at NP school, with experience and savings of at least 75k+. After my experience as an RN, I will pursue an NP degree from a top ranked school where I can get as much clinical and hands on experience as I canNOTE: I know that there is an abundance of horrible NP programs right now and how they don't learn nearly as much as someone who goes to PA school who has a bunch of set up rotations for them and rigorous classes. I am willing to go to a top ranked school and get as much education as I can to be a competent NP, which I know I can and will be if I choose to go this route.With my savings after being an RN, I would have minimal loans graduating NP school because I saved so much. That way, I can start working as an NP and have no loan burden on my shoulders. Also, I feel as a PA, pathways are pretty limited. NPs have serious political advantage over them, and have autonomy. I want to work in education when I am older and continue to learn and move up and have potential in my career, and I feel as an NP there would be less obstacles then being a PA as I don't see many of them in administration roles or things of that nature.Thanks again!
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