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  1. Or is the interview completely separate once invited and not based on stats after
  2. Anyone have words of encouragement? Received an interview invite. Although stats are below average... should I be worried about rejection? Or any positive words!
  3. Is there a confidentiality agreement we need to upload? I know I agreed to it when I clicked submit when I first put my drivers ID.
  4. Did you need to just submit the front side of your ID? Or back side as well.
  5. Does anyone know that after we choose our interview invite & upload the ID... do we go back to the uploaded materials page and upload it there? And I heard of a confidentiality agreement?? Sorry im a bit confused. also. Looks like interviews are held at 1055am.... although the website says it use to be at 7-8am starting. antone want to share there experience? I just don’t want to miss the interview or will they send out a schedule? thanks.
  6. Was it that the class is full but still on an active waitlist?
  7. Anyone else eager to see an email tomorrow? I wonder if acceptances are still being made.
  8. Me too... someone did say December 1st.. but looks like it might not be today.
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