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  1. Does anyone here know anybody that edits PA essays for free?? I don't want to have to pay for the $200 service but would really like to have mine looked at, ideally by someone who has already applied and gotten an interview/acceptance! thanks!
  2. Thanks! That’s what i was thinking too. i want to make sure my letters are really good not just standard format
  3. Possibly, but since I was only there 4-6 hours a week I’m not sure they could write me as good of one as someone that worked with me 15-20 hours a week for 2 years that’s my big concern. But I’ll look into it!!
  4. Thank you for the advice!! Yes unfortunately all the PAs I know were only from shadowing, and I feel that doesn’t give them a good idea of what I can do as a provider. Do you think getting one from someone I interned with would be fine? i volunteered at large corporation places so i didn’t get to know the head staff very well, just other volunteers. I hope my statement is good, I’m trying to find someone to read it through and give me tips. thanks again!!
  5. Hey guys! I'm a second-time applicant for PA school. The first time I did not receive any interviews, and I honestly was not expecting to. However, I feel a lot more confident this time about it. Can anyone give me some insight on what they think about my stats for my application this cycle? or any suggestions for improvement too! Thanks so much! Here they are: PCE: ~3,000 hours combined as a physical therapy aide, cardiopulmonary intern, and medical assistant. I am still working as a PT aide and MA so the hours will keep accumulating as well. HCE: volunteer at a nursing home, volunteer in the Med/Surg department of a hospital, and an emergency medical scribe Volunteering: As mentioned above, plus I volunteer currently at an animal shelter as well about 4-6 hours a week. GPA: my overall GPA is 3.4 and my science is 3.28- on the low end I know but I'm working on getting both up and hope my experience will help a bit. GRE: My GRE score is a 304- 153 quantitative, 151 qualitative, and 5.0 writing. Shadowing: I have 30 hours total of PA shadowing and 24 hours shadowing an MD. Recommendation letters: One from a physical therapist, one from an MD, and one from a kinesiology professor. I am also considering getting one from an occupational therapist but didn't know if it was necessary to have more than three. That's about it! I am planning to submit my application right when the cycle opens, as I have already written my essay and everything else which will hopefully help me with rolling admission schools. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks in advance.
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