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  1. Just forfeited my seat. Hopefully that opens up a spot for somebody else here!
  2. Just got an interview invite but turned it down due to another acceptance! Good luck everyone!
  3. @nzeagler @Aah2015 @jlm123 congrats to ya'll! If UAMS is where you are sure you're going, PM me and I'll get you the link to the facebook page.
  4. @SSBeth and anyone else who has been accepted, I made a Facebook page for the uams 2022 class! https://www.facebook.com/groups/402540017095177/
  5. Alternate list here. "So you're saying there's a chance?" lol... congratulations to those accepted!
  6. Just got an interview invite for 11/5 am! However, turned it down due to prior acceptance!
  7. @kz2981 and anyone else who is going to interview at UAMS. There is a visitor parking lot right across from the Dodd building connected with a skybridge. If you park there it is less than a 2 minute walk to where you interview. It cost me about $7, but was well worth it! Just a heads up!
  8. Due to a recent acceptance, I just withdrew my application and gave up my interview spot. I hope this opens up an opportunity for someone else!
  9. Interview is very relaxed. Faculty are super nice and really just want to get to know you!
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