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  1. Looking at last year's posts, it looks like the end of August!
  2. Congratulations!! Did you receive it by email? Also, what were your stats if you don't mind me asking?
  3. First off, congratulations! I have an interview coming up August 19th! You can see my stats a few posts above... do you have any tips to prepare for the interview??
  4. Are you referring to the graduate school application? If so, as long as you complete that and the CASPA application and pay your supplemental fee, there's nothing more to do. You should recieve two emails, one that says.. Greetings from Southern Illinois University (SIU) Graduate School. Your application has been received. And another that says... Thank you for your application to the Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine (SM) Physician Assistant (PA) Program. Your CASPA application has been received and it is being processed. Hope that helps!
  5. Not a PA, but just got my first interview. The first time I mentioned the profession, I wrote out physician assistant (PA), then that way it allowed me to use PA for the rest of the PS, and still be grammatically correct!
  6. I had a similar research experience in my capstone class my senior year. I did list it as research, and was sure to explain more in depth in the duties section of the CASPA entry. I ended up getting an interview so I guess it is ok! Hope that helps!
  7. Hello! I called each school to make sure that it was ok, and for my experience, 11 of 11 said it was. So while I waited for one of my LOR, I submitted all of my supps and payed the application fees! Hope that helps!
  8. Just received an email stating that my CASPA and supplemental have been received and are being sent to the review committee! It said... Thank you for your interest in the UAMS Physician Assistant Program. We have received your CASPA and UAMS Supplemental Applications. Your application will be forwarded to the Review Committee for review.
  9. I did receive a confirmation email stating this... "Thank you for your application to the Physician Assistant Program at University of Alabama at Birmingham. We have received your CASPA Application, GRE or MCAT Scores, and Supplemental Application. We are pleased to inform you that your application is now under review by our program. We will extend interview invitations to qualified applicants in October via email." However, this was 14 days after submitting it!
  10. Hello all! Submitted and verified 6/10/19! Good luck to everyone!
  11. Did you get a confirmation that the resident questionnaire was filled out? I filled it out and didn't get any email confirmation or anything.
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