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  1. Hi any tips on interviewing? I have my first one in October. I didn't get in because I was super nervous and it showed. I had my second and it went much better. I have a third one coming and want to know where I can improve so I can get better.
  2. I apologize. The exact date of the invitation was September 25th.
  3. Hi I’m sorry to hear that. I received an invitation for an interview beginning of October for different dates in November.
  4. You should call them to make sure you up to date with everything.
  5. Interviewing for 10/14, see some you there! Good luck, wishing everyone the best!
  6. Hi sorry I meant I receive the invitation for my interview on on Sept 25th.
  7. Hi I got an interview on September 25th, 2019.
  8. Hi guys starting these years thread Stony Brook Application thread.
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