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  1. Hi! I interviewed on November 18th and I received the acceptance last week, but I have declined the offer because I was accepted at my top choice (UW MEDEX)! OHSU is an amazing program. I hope this opens up a spot for a worthy candidate! Good luck everyone
  2. I just received the secondary application at 5:24! Good luck everyone!
  3. @Tihu193 hi Tien! Congratulations, glad to have you join us! I believe we get invited for the secondary application after the interview!
  4. @SoniaTorrs I think this is a great, organized way to communicate but if you want to connect I can definitely give you my number! @rjnguyen From what I have heard, we get an email a week before our interview. I know I’m excited!
  5. Meeting at a coffee shop sounds great before the meet & greet at LowBrau. I looked up on google maps and found that the closet Coffee shop to LowBrau is Peet’s Coffee! It’s about a one minute walk Let me know if Peet’s Coffee is a good place to meet around 4PM?
  6. Of course! Yes I would be interested in meeting beforehand too! The LowBrau event starts at 5pm. I will be staying at MedPark hotel. Where is everyone else staying? I will be flying in from Seattle, WA!
  7. @stefhanie Hi! If you head back to the main UC Davis PA Program forum page, it should be one of the topics titled "10/28 UC Davis Interview" Hope that helps!
  8. @SoniaTorrs I started a thread for the 10/28 interview, if you and any others scheduled for an interview that day wanted to meet up!
  9. Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for the 10/28 Interview. I would love to get together before the interview! Is anyone going to the meet and greet at LowBrau hosted by the PA students? Let me know
  10. @PNW28 I also received mine on 10/2 at 9:30am. Did anyone receive the package in the mail yet?
  11. I’m okay with the 30th or the 31st! We can meet at U Village. There are a bunch of restaurants there and easy parking!
  12. Hi! My name is Sandy, and I would love to get together before the interview as well to meet with my future classmates/ colleagues I live in Seattle too, about 30 minutes from UW!
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