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  1. hi everyone! i submitted my caspa and GRE scores on 6/20 and received an interview invite today (7/17). i am out of state and am curious if anyone has any information about what time the interviews are on tuesday/thursday. I am trying to figure out travel information before calling back for a specific interview day. Thank you!!
  2. did you put a preference for the salt lake campus or the st. george campus? or did you say no preference?
  3. if you already have the letters in CASPA you do NOT need to resubmit them. i asked about this and they told me to wait and they will update it themselves. it took about 1 week and they entered a date. so in short, don't do anything and PCOM will take care of the letter portion!
  4. Did anyone receive an email stating they have all the materials and that their application is under review? Or are they just skipping those to sending out interview invites?
  5. Congratulations!!! When did you submit CASPA and supplemental?
  6. I submitted 5/12 and have not received a confirmation email yet. When did you submit and when did you receive a confirmation email?
  7. I received an email stating U of U had everything BUT my CASPer on 5/31. I took my CASPer on 6/2, anyone know if they will send me another email confirming that they received my CASPer score/my application is complete?
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