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  1. If you haven’t gotten an offer yet, I know it probably doesn’t feel great to see all these messages. Please keep your head up it’s like @thegrayprepa said this isn’t near over. Try to keep a positive attitude!
  2. Omg I’m in!!! May or may not have cried in my car. Hard work pays off. See you in January!!
  3. Hahaha so I’m not the only one! I check my email then run here to make sure that other people didn’t get them either. We’ve waited so long we’re in the home stretch now folks! We’ve got this!
  4. I agree with @JanJan33, we must have made it really difficult for them to decide! Everyone I met as my interview Saturday morning and everyone here is so enthusiastic and on point and passionate, it must be a special crop of people. Keep the optimism and enjoy the weekend folks!
  5. Ugh what a bummer! At least we can try to relax this weekend then the fun begins a new on Monday! Take a breath everyone!
  6. They sent interview invites at 4:55pm EST for the first wave so don’t give up hope yet!
  7. I’m working today too. To say my focus is a little off would be an understatement but at least it keeps my mind off of things for a little bit! I think my patients can tell I’m nervous lol.
  8. How’s everybody doing? I can legitimately say I’ve never been this nervous in my life. Hopefully we hear really soon!
  9. The last two years the first wave of admission offers went out a week after the first interviews.
  10. My stomach is just one big knot today! Hopefully we all hear some good news later. Try to keep busy until then and keep a positive mindset. We’ve all worked so hard and should be proud regardless, what a process it’s been! Talking to all of you has certainly helped with my nerves so thank you all for that
  11. Thank you guys for your speedy replies! Hopefully the tension breaks very soon! @Bonist55 it was a pleasure to meet you last Saturday, you and the rest of the students were so helpful and kind. And @FuturePA2022 and everyone else here, here’s to (hopefully) meeting you all in January!
  12. Hey everyone! Hopefully the stress of the interviews has worn off at this point, and the stress of waiting to hear back is in full effect! To the folks saying they can’t wait until Friday, do we know for sure that we’ll start hearing then or is it just an inference? I know Dr. D mentioned that it could take 2-3 weeks. Let me know, and hang in there everyone! Home stretch!
  13. Interviews are now officially over. Now we wait everyone. Great job on clearing such a big hurdle!
  14. Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow! Make sure you get plenty of sleep!
  15. I am planning on the Saturday meet. It’ll be right after my interview. Less than a week now people! The biggest piece of advice I’ve gotten is to just be yourself. We’ve got this!
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