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  1. The company, cosigner finder charges $39 as service fees for securing a potential cosigner. The cosigner and the student applying for the private loan will agree on a specified sum to be paid by the student to him/her for taking the risk. I came across a single post in the student doctor forum in which one student alleged to have used such a facility to pay for dental school.That company was located in Texas according to the student but is no more since 2018. The one mentioned in this post seems to be located in Maryland.j
  2. Certainly. The accelerated courses run by the colleges mentioned and others essentially involves reading assigned materials from recommended textbooks. You stand a better chance by treading the traditional path: your comprehension and appreciation of the subject matter is enhanced. Nevertheless, the accelerated courses run by these colleges are exorbitant tuition-wise.
  3. I would like to know how reliable and trustworthy are some companies professing to seek cosigners on behalf of clients for a fee. I am having difficulty finding a cosigner for a private student loan. The company I saw on the internet charges some $39 as service fee for locating a potential cosigner I am sceptical. Thanks for your anticipated insightful replies
  4. Hey, the courses are not cheap. With two jobs, the answer is obvious. If you were to do 2 courses, you would have to struggle for time to complete the assignments, talk less of doing 3 courses.
  5. I emailed you .Thanks

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