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  1. I had an interview today at my dream school and just wanted some input. There was an essay portion which I am absolutely confident I nailed. We also had 3 separate interviews: one with a faculty member, one with a community PA, and one with a student. I am very confident that I hit the student and faculty interviews out of the park, but the local PA interview was the only one that left me questioning myself. It was scheduled to be a 30 minute interview, but it only lasted 17 min, and the other applicants were still in their interviews when I had left the room. The whole conversation felt amazing and like I was saying all the right things. She told me she was the board member of a PA organization event that I attended and she asked me about my experience at the event, and I felt like I answered all of the ethical and curveball questions without a hitch. I was just shocked when she said "those are all the questions I have for you, thank you for your time, and good luck", only 17 minuted into the interview. I'm not sure if I am getting too much into my head, or if this is genuine concern. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  2. Well I am excited to meet you all, wishing everyone good luck!
  3. My interview on the 17th is going to be in the 8AM time slot. Anyone on the same boat?
  4. In CASPA you are able to match the course of your choosing to the pre-req courses required by the program. So basically you get to choose which of the courses you will designate to the pre-req section, as long as it meets the appropriate description/requirements. Hope that helps!
  5. JacKasmi94

    Language on CASPA?

    I honestly do not know what the "right" thing to do here is. This was my first cycle applying and English is not my first language, so I just like to answer questions in good faith and be as transparent as possible, so that is how I answered. I do not think it really matters because I got invites from the 4/5 schools that I applied to, even with a low GPA, followed by an acceptance. I would advice being honest. Best of luck to you on your journey and please feel free to PM me with any questions you have!
  6. In the past they would interview 100, and accept 50.
  7. I applied on Aug 8, and just interviewed yesterday. I wouldn’t worry too much though, they told us that there will likely be 7 more rounds of invites sent out, and that choosing the invites is an involved process that requires multiple rounds of vetting. Also for everyone with their application being rolled over to the next round, we should all just stay positive and hopeful because that will be the majority of us! At least that’s what I’m trying to do, good luck everyone!
  8. Interviews are out! I will be interviewing on the 17th, and I'm so excited to meet everyone else interviewing!
  9. I also just received an email today confirming they have received my CASPA application. Submitted 08/10. Good luck for interview invites everyone!
  10. I just got my interview invite for Oct 2nd, I'm so excited to meet anyone who will also be attending!
  11. I did enjoy reading it, and it very clearly answered why you would be an exceptional PA. The only suggestion I would give is to elaborate on why PA instead of medicine to remedy the PCP shortage at the VA. Although you said it was clear that your PA path was illuminated from this need, it did not read as clearly. Best of luck, I am sure you will do well this cycle!
  12. @qwerty0984 @Janie55 I was wondering, could I pm you my personal statement to read? I don't need an edit or anything, just some insight on how it comes across.
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