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  1. Hello my name is Isaac and I will be starting PA school at Wayne State University in May. I would like to shadow a PA in urgent care, surgery, or Emergency medicine(Lvl 1 trauma center). I have been an ER Tech at Troy Beaumont for 5 years now, and have shadowed our ER PAs and Family Medicine PAs. I would like to see other specialties before PA school starts just to gain some exposure. If you are able to help me I would really appreciate it, & please message me. Thank you!
  2. I will be turning down my acceptance because I was just accepted to a school much closer to home that will not require me to move. I honestly think Western was the best interview experience I had all cycle, and sincerely hope that my seat goes to one of you waiting! Good luck everyone!!!
  3. Yes the faculty member I interviewed with was the one to call me!
  4. Guys, I just received my acceptance call!!!!!!!! I'M INNNNN!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!
  5. I kinda want to cry because I don’t want to have to put down a $1000 deposit elsewhere
  6. Thank you! This acceptance was the first email I received since my interview. I’m currently finishing my undergrad BSBS at WSU. I have 7000 hours as emergency technician and 1000 as a patient sitter. I volunteered as a medic at a little league baseball stadium, and I started my own tutoring organization for students with learning disabilities. I have other miscellaneous volunteer hours around 1.5k. My cGPA is 3.53 and sGPA 3.27. I really thought my GPA was going to stop me from being getting into PA school, but I think they look at the whole applicant, and take all of our essays and experience into consideration!
  7. Ahhhh I just received my conditional acceptance now!!!! Best day of my life! Also, I interviewed 10/2 for anyone wondering.
  8. There’s no way they would do that, it’s nearly impossible to achieve 100% compliance for anything in the real world. I doubt everyone would do the survey even if they had a month to do so.
  9. Well, I just gave up my interview spot on Nov 8th, so I hope one of you hears good news!
  10. Is this a current student saying that we will hear by next week sometime?
  11. I’m starting to think we’re never hearing back
  12. Either is fine. I hand wrote mine, but others in my interview group typed and printed theirs. The sooner the better though
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