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  1. Well, that’s exciting ! One thing we can confirm.
  2. Did they say it was, in fact, the last interview ?
  3. Good luck to those interviewing tomorrow !
  4. They changed the deadline to November 2019, so it has passed.
  5. I’m confused about the entire process at this point The inaugural class should be starting in January 2020, is that still true? Did anyone even interview? Their meeting for accreditation was in September.... have they heard anything back? I applied for the class that was to start January 2021 in like May and received an email saying that I’d get the supplemental is September but I haven’t received that or any other information. I call and never get an answer.
  6. Oooh so the second group HAS heard back
  7. Has anyone heard back since the first interview?
  8. They have a new director so the process may be different this cycle. When I spoke with someone from admissions last month, they said that invites would be sent out in September.
  9. Hey, has anyone received additional information since confirming their interview?
  10. Thanks ! I submitted my app in May but just finished two classes that were in progress in August and had to resubmit my transcripts. I think they did say they wouldn’t review until everything was complete during their webinar.
  11. Did you all that have been invited for interviews have any pending courses when you submitted your application ?
  12. Hi !!! Has anyone heard anything about interview invites from Charles Drew?
  13. I’m sorry to hear that ! Are you currently taking steps to improve your gpa? You should reapply! And I would love if you could email me that information !
  14. Hey, what is the supplemental application like? For those that have completed it.
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