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  1. Soooo..... when is the inaugural class expected to begin once selected? Are any applicants still being considered for that class or is everyone expected to reapply? And when is their accreditation meeting scheduled to happen in 2020?
  2. Oct 7. February 7th is pretty soon. I’m thinking waitlists and acceptances are out. But this process has been so random so who knows It’s great that you finally heard back ! That’s a HUGE relief !! Continued luck !!!
  3. Nothing still. When did you interview?
  4. So..... is the class full oooooorrr? has anyone received rejection? Or just acceptance and waitlist for interviewed people? Trying to see something
  5. Rejections and waitlists are all sent at the same time once they’ve selected the entire class sometime in February.
  6. I seriously don’t understand what it means if you’ve received no correspondence at this point since they’ve already sent out waitlists and accepted quite a few for only 30 seats.... is it safe to assume that the class is full and offers have been extended already?
  7. Nope. Still nothing. The people from this forum have gotten pretty quiet. Idk if that’s good or bad... but I’m from the first group and still waiting.
  8. Maybe everyone was ranked and they’re calling in that order
  9. I wonder if they’re calling today or when the other acceptances will be notified if they haven’t already.... I’ve still gotten nothing. But I do have other interviews
  10. I know another person accepted. But still nothing for me.
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