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  1. I got an email from Gannon today saying they had everything and I was verified. Submitted May 30. They did not list any specific interview dates or when they would send out invites.
  2. Anyone still waiting for a confirmation that submitted everything (even supplemental) around 6/3? I sent them an email yesterday to make sure I did everything correctly.
  3. Oregon has an amazing program, I submitted 6/10 last year and received an interview in late August. Unfortunately, it was not my time. Excited for round 2! Submitted & verified 5/30 this year.
  4. Wow congrats! I have a slightly lower GPA but also have a 4.0 in post bacc classes. With COVID testing center volunteer, 3,000 as a scribe and another 3,000 as an ER Tech. I submitted 6/7 so thank you for giving me hope!
  5. Applied 5/31 and got a confirmation from Dominican 6/11. It was in my spam folder, almost missed it.
  6. I also received an interview which I am in shock about. Washington resident with a lower end gpa. Many hours of HCE, shadowing, volunteering and teaching. I poured my heart and soul into this application and it clearly paid off. So excited!
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