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  1. Hi, I interviewed the same date and have not heard back. You know of people from the same date who got accepted or rejected?
  2. Hi! How long did you wait to find out you were waitlisted?
  3. Hi! Congrats! Do you mind sharing when you were verified and whether you’re a Marquette alumn?
  4. Hey, I asked them that today. They said that they wouldn’t make a decision until all our background information was in. Their response was that waitlisting isn’t a decision. I was upset as well considering I paid for the services thinking it was required to hear back . If you have not completed the fingerprinting yet. You can get your money back from castle branch.
  5. Did anyone from the August 2nd interview hear back?
  6. Congrats! When did you send in your application?
  7. Hi, do you guys mind sharing when your applications were sent?
  8. Hey! When is the interview date if you don't mind me asking? I am just wondering how much time they let people know in advance.
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