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  1. Thanks for the great input to everyone. Via this and my forum post on Reddit I have made my decision to go to Francis Marion. This makes the most sense for me and I can't wait to start. I agree that Johns Hopkins was very much a research institution. For me that wasn't a negative since my father is a clinical scientist and he indicated it would be a great academic environment to be in. However that is not what I am looking for at this point in my life while becoming a practicing PA is. Thanks again to all the input. It was invaluable.
  2. Thanks again. I have done some reading about the PA school you attend doesn't matter that much as you mention. I am not sure the same goes for nursing though since other nursing forums indicate the school does matter. There was also a study that showed Johns Hopkins nurses make 15% more than the average nurse. So there is some evidence there is a prestige factor. PA school is so hard to get into with so few seats available I think just getting out is enough. I personally have always felt and observed while shadowing and volunteering that PAs are better trained/respected generally. This was part of the reason I went pre-PA and not nursing. I never really saw myself as a nurse but the Johns Hopkins opportunity as well as the experience on accepted students day made me think it might be the way to go. The program there is definitely top-notch with 1100 hours of clinical experience compared to about 600 for other programs. A lot of sim lab days and 6 months of 1:1 experience with a preceptor in the area that I choose, which could be surgery. The costs are about the same before I do the NP certificate. Its a very tough decision.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the advice on the reddit website. Checking it out now.
  4. Thanks for the reply. The process is confusing but I have done the research as well as discussed the options with Johns Hopkins students and graduates. Johns Hopkins does not offer the NP certificate to MSN graduates any longer and are only a Doctor of Nursing Practice school for advanced practice. However completion of the MSN program allows you to get a nurse practitioner certificate, which I guess you referred to as NP school. Below are some links to programs at Vanderbilt and UMass that offer the post masters certificate (maybe this will help someone else). The UMass program is 21 credits if its your first NP certificate. https://nursing.vanderbilt.edu/msn/postmasters_certificate/index.php http://www.umassonline.net/degrees/blended-certificate-post-master-nurse-practitioner So with that in mind, any other comment on declining a Johns Hopkins program to be a PA. In the end I will probably get to the same point in about the same amount of time with the NP route taking a 6-months or so longer. What would be your choice, achieve my goal of becoming a PA or get the highest quality nursing education from Johns Hopkins? I am thinking having Johns Hopkins on my CV/resume will be invaluable throughout my career but I am not sure how much it matters and I am over-valuing it. Thanks for any input.
  5. I need to decide on a graduate school program. I wanted to be a PA out of high school and I graduate this May with a BS in Bio and Minor in Psych and Chem from Seton Hall. I am wait listed for the Seton Hall PA program and would attend if I got in. I got into the Francis Marion PA program in South Carolina starting in the Fall. I also applied to NP programs and my reach school was Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in their direct entry MSN program which is ranked #1 in the country and I was accepted. So now I have to decide to whether to go a new PA program at Francis Marion, which has 1 graduating class so far, or go to a world renowned MSN program and follow that up with a NP certificate after I graduate. This is a very difficult decision since I can achieve my goal of becoming a PA or get a top-notch education from Johns Hopkins. Another note is I have wanted to work in surgery but I have heard perspectives change as you go through your clinical rotations so this is important but not a game changer. I know this is a PA forum and I expect it to be biased towards PA but if possible an unbiased opinion would be great help. What would you do?
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