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  1. Hey Everyone, I believe interviews are officially over. Has anyone heard back from the program yet?
  2. It’s headed 1-4. Ann can update you on your interview performance about an hour after it’s over!
  3. Yeah I thought it was 10/24 as well, but then some people on this forum as saying they have a 11/01 interview date.
  4. Hi Friends! Does anyone remember when they said they would get back to us? Or when the last interview session is? Thank You
  5. Just in case anyone is stressing. I received my phone call to schedule today, it was 2.5 weeks after I got my interview invite email. Rest easy they are working through a lot of candidates, and the person I spoke to on the phone was an absolutely delightful individual.
  6. To anyone that has interviews coming up, it was a wonderful experience. It is a truly relaxed environment. I felt comfortable with all the faculty members, and candidates. They really do their best to make this an enjoyable interview session. They really just want to get to know you, and after meeting the faculty and staff, I would be thrilled to attend this program. Best of luck to everybody.
  7. Ohhh. Yeah it's going to be 2 individual interviews and a group interview. I think it's mentioned somewhere on the website as well.
  8. Yes the confirmation email is different. I actually reached out to the school recently, and they sent me a confirmation email about an hour later. A little frustrating but at least they replied in a timely manner.
  9. Hi! The burning question on my mind is when did you hear about interviews. Also what is the class size?
  10. Hi! I didn't take physics, and it worked out just fine.
  11. Congratulations to the both of you. By any chance can you share when your applications were marked as complete by the program?
  12. Apparently they have already sent out interview invites. I'm aware of one person who got an invite. They completed their secondaries on Monday 07/15. Anyone else heard back from them?
  13. I received the supplemental application form Penn State complete with login information. Not having any technical issues, maybe they have ironed out the kinks by now. There are a fair amount of questions, so we really get a chance to express our opinions and show the program what kind of person we are!
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