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  1. I spoke with them on the phone a month or two ago and they told me that they weren't doing early interviews this year.
  2. Thank you. That is helpful. I'm just being paranoid.
  3. I have requested letters of recommendation from 3 people (a PA, a previous manager, and a former professor). The professor has told me that he may not get the letter done in time due to his busy schedule. I asked another professor if she could and she has agreed. My dilemma is that I know professor 1 will be able to write a much better LOR than professor 2. Let's say that they both end up writing the LORs and get them submitted on time. The schools I am applying to only require 3 LORs. Does anyone know which one would be disregarded? Would it go in the order that I sent the requests out? Or would it go by the order of which the LORs are actually received by CASPA? I wouldn't want professor 2's letter to take the place of professor 1's unless professor 1 were not able to submit the LOR in time.
  4. sjrack

    Transcript Entry Help

    To account for the transfer credits you will need to submit the transcript from the school where you took those courses. My understanding is that you don't need to include them on the second transcript as transfer credit. I don't have an answer to your second question, unfortunately. Good luck!
  5. I have attended the same university on and off from 2005 to 2019. I did a few semesters in 2005 and then took a break for a few years. I came back in 2008 and stayed for 3 consecutive years to finish my bachelor's degree. I am currently attending the same university again to finish up my prereqs. How should I enter all of that into CASPA? Multiple entries (three, in my case) for those different periods I was there? Or just one entry that encompasses them all? I tried searching here and elsewhere, but couldn't find someone who had posted the exact same question. Thanks!
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