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  1. @mjohnston027 Yes! It's called RMUoHP PA Class of 2022. Just ask to join and one of the admins will accept you.
  2. @sman33 I don't know how many they put on the waitlist, but I remember them saying that about 20 people from the waitlist usually end up getting accepted.
  3. @KitKat1996 I haven't seen an email yet either. I figured I'd give it a few more days before I call and ask them.
  4. I just got a call and they offered me a spot! (I interviewed on Friday October 25.) Anyone else hear back already? So excited!
  5. @SavPA They said the last interviews will be on Nov 4 and they hope to let us know possibly as soon as Nov 5. They didn't give us a firm date. One of the professors said it should be before Nov 10 for sure.
  6. @futurepastudent4 I just edited my original reply with more info, but it took a week to hear back from them.
  7. @futurepastudent4 I received an additional confirmation email directly from Rocky Mountain just last week. Edit: to clarify a bit, I received the interview invite on October 10 and I signed up for October 25 that same day. I then received an email from Rocky Mountain on October 17 to confirm the date and provide additional info about the interview.
  8. @FLYFLY123 I spoke with someone who interviewed with Rocky Mountain last year and she said that one of the activities they did was almost like an escape room. They had to work together to solve some sort of a problem. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to really talk to her at length.
  9. @PAPope glad to see you got an invite. I got an invite today too! Signed up for Friday October 25. Good luck to everyone!
  10. I finally submitted just now! I had been putting it off because I hadn't taken the GRE yet, but according to their website I could have submitted before taking it. I guess I was worried I was going to do terrible on the GRE and didn't want to waste my application fee. But my fears were unfounded. My unofficial score was over 300. Crossing my fingers that my writing score is acceptable...
  11. I got an interview invite this afternoon for Saturday September 21. Has anyone else heard back?
  12. From what I've read on here, and heard from others, it sounds like they've accepted ~20 people so far. Seems like they are saving the last ~10 seats for this last set of interviews.
  13. I haven't heard back yet either. I applied on July 31. Seems like they are probably going to wait until the September 1 deadline so that they have all of their possible candidates available.
  14. Did anyone else get an email yesterday from RMU that was addressed to "Dear First Name?" Gave me a chuckle to get such a personalized email. Haha.
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