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  1. Essayreviews949@gmail.com. I can give it a look, I don’t charge but I appreciate any donations
  2. Don’t buy into the whole score a 300 or your application will get put to the side thing...while that may be true for some schools it’s not for MOST. I scored well below a 300 and got into my top choice school. Make yourself well rounded!
  3. My gre was a 294. I did however score a 6 on writing. Thank you!
  4. So I just got accepted into one of my top choice schools, and don’t believe everything you read...everyone’s experiences are going to differ and not two people are going to encounter the same situation. In my experience my interviews were EXTREMELY laid back and they just wanted to get to know you. Also I was not a strong applicant. I had under 300 gre, my cumulative gpa was a 3.3, my science gpa was a 3.8. I however did have over 9,000 hours of good quality pce. I was told multiple times not to even apply this cycle because my gre was too low, etc. as long as you make yourself well rounded who cares what others may say!
  5. Hello pre-pa students! I'm here to let you know I am willing to read through your personal essays and offer feedback as we are approaching the opening of CASPA soon. I was recently accepted to PA school as my first and only cycle. I believe a strong personal statement is what separates you from other applicants. I scored in the top 96% on my GRE writing section so I feel confident in my ability to help others. I'm not charging for the service, however I do ask for a small donation to help with the expenses of starting PA school. I work night shifts so I have a lot of extra time throughout the night to work on reviews. the email you can send your statements to is essayreviews949@gmail.com. Thank you and good luck to everyone!!
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