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  1. If this helps, I graduated in 2017 and went back to community college to get my MA. Truthfully, I think it helped me tremendously. I obtained my EMT-B when I was a sophomore (2015), but the license had lapsed before I had the opportunity to work due to school research opportunities. If you choose to do MA through school, CASPA takes those classes and puts a lot of them into your science GPA and overall GPA. I opted not to take any MA certification test as I had been offered a job after finishing the program. Working as a MA, I was more prepared for PA school applications and interviews than I ever imagined. The doctors gave me mock interviews and were willing to help anyway they could. I have seen many procedures, been invited to round, and my primary MD has taught me to read chest imaging in his free time. Two MDs and my supervisor wrote my letters of recommendation for school and have been invested in my process and growth from day 1. The networking with other physicians/administration has been wonderful and I have been asked multiple times if I plan to return when I finish school. I can't say everyone has a positives experience like this as a MA, but it was the right stepping stone for me preparing for school.
  2. Hi there! I might be able to shed some light from an MA point of view. I am working as a MA to get my hours. I absolutely love being an MA. I did have to get my certification for it, which took a year after I graduated, but I have found the experience incredible. Each state has a differing scope on what an MA can do. In CA, we give injections, administer medication, vitals, ECGs, spirometry and desat studies, assist in procedures, and preform CLIA waived tests. Speciality dictates a lot of what testing and exposure you get. What I have found to be beneficial is my relationship with the physicians I work with. I primarily work with one, but cover as needed for others in my practice. In my office, they take the time to show me CT scans, PET scans, X-Rays, and invite me to see procedures/round with them if time allows. My primary physician is invested in my future and has being instrumental for support and knowledge going into the next years. Also in my office, clinical MAs will do prior auths for medications and some procedures, which exposes you to some administrative work as well and have helped me learn common ICD 10 codes and CTP codes. I don't think you can go wrong with either choice, it's more of what you'd like and where you think you'll thrive. You want to set yourself up for success and start gaining hours ASAP.
  3. Just got a call off the waitlist! I let them know I’d been accepted else where and wouldn’t be taking the spot. Keep your hopes everyone!
  4. Hi everyone! Congrats to all those who were accepted! I also received the call this afternoon and I couldn’t be more thrilled!
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