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  1. what are your stats? if you dont mind me asking
  2. i emailed the school inquiring about that and they said that they will know the outcomes in November.
  3. If 11/16th is the last and I haven't heard from them. Should I assume that I am out of the game? I haven't heard anything from the school. Feeling a bit down
  4. Congrats in your acceptance and interview invites!! I was wondering if they mentioned how many more interview sessions/dates, they have left?
  5. Also, did you guys received an email letting you know the status of our application prior to this email?
  6. Congrats! when were your applications submitted?
  7. Tell me about it! Almost 3 months of waiting. idk how many more interview dates they have left. But the longer the wait, the more discourage I get.
  8. Does anyone knows when is the last interview date for this program?
  9. Hi! I applied early this summer but I haven't heard anything from the program yet. Does anyone know when is their last interview scheduled? Are they done interviewing?
  10. i have not heard anything. I was wondering if they got their accreditation
  11. Sorry to hear that. Does that mean that the program is full?
  12. Does anyone knows if they are still sending invites for interviews?
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