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  1. Has anyone received any other news or emails besides the application confirmation email?
  2. Has anyone heard anything else from this school during this month or has anyone heard if they are still conducting interviews?
  3. I have entered my achievements, scholarships, deans/presidents lists, etc., but I am not sure what to put in the description part... Should I just describe the requirements for the scholarships and deans/presidents list orrr???
  4. Hello, I have a few clubs where I have volunteered but I hold leadership roles in them. What should I log these hours under, Leadership experience or volunteer hours?? Thank you!
  5. Also, does BLS, CPR, etc. go here?
  6. Not quite sure what to put as the brief description of my certification ... Anyone else having this problem?
  7. This should be my final draft. Thank you in advance! Personal Statement???.docx
  8. Thank you! Also, do you know what I could possibly take out? I'm about 200 characters over the limit. @Ashleymarie92
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was hoping it was at least a little better. Do you happen to when I can get some more reviews/critiques that are cheap or maybe even free?
  10. Hello, I will be applying this upcoming cycle and I need as many critiques as possible on my personal statement please! I have edited my original PS and Im not quite sure if this is any better. Please be as critical as possible! Personal Statement???.docx
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