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  1. You can still work as a PA in some places without passing the boards. My first rotation was in a federal prison and you were allowed to work there without passing the PANCE. The VA might be the same way as well but not as sure on that one.
  2. I'm in my 8th rotation right now and my method has been to take the Rosh Review boost exam for that EOR at the begging and then read through my wrong answers. Go through the topic list starting at the highest yield topics getting as far as I can before the exam (most of the time I only get through 50-70%), then take the boost exam from rosh again at the end. Also sometimes supplement with onlinemeded for topics I need help with. I've scored 88% and above on all PAEA EOR's so far with this method.
  3. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere still accepting students for rotations. I have one more rotation left and it is in OBGYN. My school doesn’t seem to be able to find a replacement for the original rotation that was cancelled. Any leads would be much appreciated!
  4. What are some book/resources that you used to study for the PAEA end of rotation exams. Did you follow the blueprint exactly when studying? Thanks!
  5. Our program is starting rotations soon and we are using standardized end of rotation exams though the PAEA. What are the best books to use to prepare for these exams or any end of rotation exam? Thanks in advance!
  6. Does anyone know any resources for learning laboratory medicine? The program I am currently in has our lab medicine course entirely online and I feel very unprepared for rotations. Thank you!
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