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  1. You don’t mention why you want to be a PA. Also, in your first 2 sentences you say ‘new’ 3x, so I’d change up the wording a bit there.
  2. You talk about all the things you did but no specific experiences that screams out why it would make you a good PA.
  3. The class hasn’t finished yet but so far I will be earning an A.
  4. Could I send you the ideas I have now? I have somewhat of a flow, however unfinished. I just don't want to finish an entire personal statement just to be told my original ideas weren't good and that I should start over. I'm trying to nip everything in the bud in order to save me time and headache.
  5. I've been jotting down notes and have even come up with a few paragraphs for my personal statement but can't get down to one fluid storyline to finish. Many ideas come up and then end up getting erased, setting me back a bit. Is there any way I could get help getting started and organized? Any suggestions?
  6. I was going to ask my community college professor of organic chemistry for a LOR. Is that a weak letter because its from a community college?
  7. Hey everyone! I’m applying this cycle too for the 3rd time. My first 2 times of applying I didn’t have great experience, nor did I put much effort into my PS but this time around I’m not playing games! Stats: 3.5 cgpa, 3.3 s Roughly 2800 hours working as a personal care aide about 4500 hours working as an emt 235 hours shadowing a pediatrician 20-25 hours shadowing a PA in the ER volunteered in an ED for about a year and accrued 110 hours roughly I’m planning on taking the GRE in June hopefully. I’m taking orgo 1 right now and so far have an A+ so once that’s out the way I’ll start studying and take the test. Good luck to everyone! If there’s anything you think I should do to improve let me know.
  8. I’m reapplying for the 3rd time to all different schools and I’m in the midst of writing my personal statement (struggling big time btw). Should I mention that I am reapplying and highlight the differences between this application and the last application if I’m applying to different schools? Will they know that this isn’t my first rodeo because of caspa?
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