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  1. This essay sounded great except this: ‘If your reasoning for becoming a doctor is to sit down with patients, connect with them and educate them, you may be better suited for PA than MD.” This statement makes it seem as though doctors don’t sit down and connect with patients. And to imply they don’t educate their patients is a bit insulting and probably not true. I’d reword that or take it out.
  2. I’m almost done with my statement. I just need critiques in terms of content. I haven’t went into the details of grammar errors yet. I wanted to get the content down packed before I went through that process. If anyone is available to read it, please feel free to message me and I’ll read yours as well. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Just from a brief glance, the PS is very listy. Every other sentence seems to list off something and makes it harder to keep reading. Also this paragraph: ’He began to express his frustrations and spoke about his mother losing her battle to cancer a year prior, his recent diagnosis of recently being diagnosed with prostate cancer himself, and receiving an eviction notice. Another issueThe issue at check-in was his insurance coverage being inactive and hisneeding to pay out-of-pocket expense. I informed the PA about the circumstances and she did not seem bothered. She was already aware of his family situation because she always tookakes the time to get to know her patients. She knew how his insurance couldan being finicky because of how often the same issue hadit has occurred in the past, and showed me how to call and amend the issue. Within an extra 30 minutes, we had proof of his active insurance, refunded him his payment and he was ad him seen by his provider.’ could be cut down to a couple sentences. It isn’t necessary to tell a long story that doesn’t say anything about you.
  4. I got the Manhattan gre prep with the 8 books.
  5. Sb123

    Resume edits?

    Can someone edit my resume?
  6. You should definitely include your experiences as a PT aide to show you have patient care. Listing them as they’re listed in your resume is a no, but telling your experiences that reveal qualities about you that’ll make you a great PA is a good idea.
  7. Do you have any experiences besides shadowing? You mention er tech or MA but you don’t mention your experiences
  8. I want to start studying for the GRE. Which book do you guys suggest I get/phone app? Also how long did you guys study before taking the test?
  9. I didn’t read the entire thing but just your intro is too listy. You makes about 3 lists of qualities within 3 sentences in just one paragraph so I think you should change up the wording a bit there.
  10. I actually really liked your intro. I didn’t find it cliche. I found it very personal. I like your essay overall, but I’ve read somewhere that listing your hours is unprofessional so you should take that out at least.
  11. You don’t mention why you want to be a PA. Also, in your first 2 sentences you say ‘new’ 3x, so I’d change up the wording a bit there.
  12. You talk about all the things you did but no specific experiences that screams out why it would make you a good PA.
  13. The class hasn’t finished yet but so far I will be earning an A.
  14. Could I send you the ideas I have now? I have somewhat of a flow, however unfinished. I just don't want to finish an entire personal statement just to be told my original ideas weren't good and that I should start over. I'm trying to nip everything in the bud in order to save me time and headache.
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