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  1. Does anyone know if they have created any kind of group for accepted students on Facebook, etc. yet?
  2. I was accepted after the 10/4 interview, but have declined the offer because I have decided to accept a seat with a different program. Best of luck to everyone and I really hope this opens up a spot for someone else!
  3. There are two tabs on the side of the page and one is where you pay the admissions deposit and the other is the contract. You have to pay the deposit first and then you hit I agree and sign at the bottom of the contract. Hope this helps!
  4. Just received my acceptance call! I’m beyond excited and can’t wait to meet everyone in this class!
  5. Congratulations!! Has anyone else received a call yet?
  6. At first all I had available was September 9th and then nothing until November but I refreshed and one opened up for the 16th!
  7. Received my invite today and scheduled for an interview on September 16th! So excited and can’t wait to meet everyone!
  8. I applied on 7/21 and received the email for supplemental payment on 8/1
  9. Just received an interview invite for 10/24! I’m super excited! I grew up in Parker so if anyone has any questions let me know!
  10. Received an interview invite yesterday for October 4th! So excited to meet everyone!
  11. Yes I am taking one through the UC Berkeley Extension Program. It is continuous enrollment and self paced
  12. I also had this problem. I tried to petition it but they still said no. I sent them a few online courses for verification and I’m going to see if any of them qualify. It’s a big bummer, because I specifically took my course for PA school. It wasn’t even required for my major.
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