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  1. Do y’all know how many people get waitlisted here? How does it work? And how many come out of the waitlist?
  2. So any new acceptances?? It’s been so quiet lately!! Has anyone reached out to the school to checked on their status?
  3. I interviewed here on sept 16th and have not heard nothing! Has anyone been accepted? Waitlisted or rejected? Do they call anyone? Ugh
  4. Wait rejected or waitlisted? I thought they just waitlisted if you didn’t get accepted!?
  5. Hey guys I received an II today so excited. Congrats to everyone that received one and for those who didn’t. Please keep your head up. God is good. Texas resident 3.65 GPA. 6000 hours PCE
  6. Congrats on everyone getting accepted has anyone received an email?? If we accept the offer, do we have 15 days from the day she called us to pay the deposit? Or are we waiting for an official letter? Email??
  7. I just received a call!!! I got accepted good luck to everyone else!!
  8. idk... thats what I was thinking. I got the account activation email over the weekend and an II, so idk if its connected somehow...
  9. OMG!!!! I just received an II today!!!!! I'm from Houston and submitted 5/16th! 3.66 GPA and 297 GRE!!
  10. anyone have interview on Thursday July 25th here?? im so nervous... where do yall plan on staying???
  11. Anybody has an interview on July 25th here??
  12. I just received my first PA program interview ever! I’m interviewing on July 25th. I’m so nervous and excited! Okurrrr!
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