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  1. Hey Everyone! I got the call from Gina today! I was placed on the APOS list back in September when I first interviewed and got the acceptance call around lunch today! Good luck to everyone!
  2. Stanford does NOT require the GRE for this cycle. It is highly recommended but not required. Applied May 9th, verified May 11th.
  3. Figured I would start this for this cycle! I submitted 05/09 and was verified on 05/11. I received an email today (5/13) from UC saying they have received my CASPA application but they are waiting on my supplemental. I finished my supplemental on 5/11 but I think their website says it will take a few days to process the supplemental. I received a receipt saying my supplemental payment was confirmed but on my supplemental application it says not received. Hopefully in a few days it will update and my application will be under review!!! Good luck to y'all!
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