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  1. Congrats on getting an interview too! Quick question for you: After you sent in which day you wanted to interview did you get a confirmation email saying this was okay? I said I could do two of the times and didn't get any confirmation on which one they wanted me to come to! Thanks
  2. CASPA GPA: 3.76 Science GPA: 3.66 PCE: about 2500 hours combined as a CNA, Scribe, Pulmonary Therapy Assistant and Medical Assistant Shadowing: 80 hours
  3. Just received an interview invite! Excited to meet everyone and for this opportunity! Submitted/verified 5/22/19
  4. I received an email saying that I was not selected to continue the application process with an interview. Good luck to everyone who did receive an interview!
  5. Would anyone who received an interview be willing to share their stats? Thank you!
  6. Has anyone else heard anything? I submitted and was verified in May and have not gotten any confirmation yet that my application was received/complete
  7. I submitted my application/it was verified by CASPA in May. I received an email this morning confirming my application was received and complete. It said applications are reviewed in October and interview invites go out mid November
  8. Has anyone who got a CASPA fee waiver emailed Touro for their fee waiver for the supplement and heard back? If so how long did it take for them to respond? Thanks!
  9. I emailed them a second time a week after my first email as I had not heard back and they replied right away. I am still waiting for the waiver to be applied on the portal now. I figure they must have a lot of questions/emails coming in and are very busy.
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