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  1. After not hearing anything since I applied in mid May, I emailed UNE yesterday to see if there was any update and got the official denial letter this morning. Not sure if they would have sent it if I did not ask but wanted to let others know!
  2. Has anyone heard anything recently? I emailed them asking for an update if their class was full but was told today my application is still under review. Does anyone know if they are still interviewing?
  3. I just received an email that I was accepted off the alternate list! Very excited about this opportunity!
  4. Received an email today that I was put on the alternate list after my interview on 9/21
  5. When I emailed them asking for an update on my application (I applied in May and have still not heard anything back) the automated response that is sent states "Application status information is not provided at any time.". I was wondering if there are any current students here or those that have been accepted that know when they interview through
  6. I decided to decline my offer to Bay Path as I was accepted to another program. Bay Path is a wonderful program and I hope this opens up a seat to another incredible future PA!
  7. Have any accepted students heard anything regarding a Facebook group for the class? I’m excited to meet future classmates!
  8. Just got a call from Lisa! I got accepted! So excited about this opportunity
  9. At the morning session they said they would probably be letting us know this week but that they may take a little bit longer than usual since they had two faculty members out. Hoping we hear soon though!
  10. I interviewed on 10/21 as an outside candidate and was accepted on 10/23! I sent in my seat deposit the other day and received confirmation yesterday!
  11. I applied mid - May and got that same email about a month later in June. I still have not heard back from the school in regards to an interview. I emailed them asking for an update last week and they stated that my application was still under review at this time.
  12. Does anyone one know if they do rolling interview invites/ review applications in the order they’re received? I applied mid - May and still have not heard back
  13. Got an interview invite too! Very excited to meet everyone and for this opportunity!
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