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  1. I received an interview invite for 10/21! I applied/verified 5/14. Very excited for the opportunity!
  2. Thank you for sharing this! I applied 5/14 and still have not heard anything either so it is good to know they are still reviewing.
  3. Can I ask when you applied and if you are willing to share your stats?
  4. Has anyone who applied in May heard anything/received an interview yet? Thanks
  5. Would anyone who received an interview invite already be willing to share their stats? Thank you!
  6. Last I emailed them they said that they would start sending out interview invites in October.
  7. Do you mind me asking when you applied and when you received the email invite for the interview? Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know if they are still sending out interview invites? I applied back in May and still have not heard anything.
  9. For the interview they mentioned bringing a 2x2 passport size photo. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this? Should I go to a CVS to get a photo taken or is there a way to print out my own photo as a 2x2? Any helpful tips are welcome! Thanks!
  10. I applied/verified/confirm email 5/16 and have not heard anything yet
  11. Would anyone who received an interview be willing to share when they applied and their stats please. Thanks!
  12. I applied mid-May and have still not heard back from them. Still keeping my fingers crossed to hear soon!
  13. I keep getting emails from PCOM advertising their school in general and it’s such a tease when I see their name pop up in my email! Hoping we hear about interviews soon!
  14. Congrats on getting an interview too! Quick question for you: After you sent in which day you wanted to interview did you get a confirmation email saying this was okay? I said I could do two of the times and didn't get any confirmation on which one they wanted me to come to! Thanks
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