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  1. There's a really helpful post from The PA Platform about how waitlists generally go. https://www.thepaplatform.com/blog-2/waitlisted-for-pa-school I would bet that CSUMB filled their waitlist with enough people to replace the class (their worst case scenario). If they did that, then each level of the waitlist would have about 11 people in each level.
  2. I'm on the "second level" of the alternates list!! I emailed them asking how many people are in each level. Will post here with their response.
  3. Just want to check, I heard Dr. Forest say the decisions would be out within 2 weeks. Did you hear the decision would be 2 -3 weeks from the interview date? Thank you!
  4. I signed up to interview on Dec. 9th, anyone else? Better late than never. It's my second interview ever, first MMI, second cycle (first was all rejections). So excited! Thanks everyone for the insights on the process, it definitely helps me feel less nervous about it.
  5. Not at all. I imagine mine are probably the lower of the bunch. Second-time applicant Cumulative GPA: 3.37 Science GPA: 3.22 (increased this summer to ~3.4) PA Shadowing Hours: 114 (hospital in Uganda, urgent care and FQHC in Newport Beach. Plus, 60 hours shadowing doctors). PCH: 2,272 (40 externship) - now on my second year out of college accruing hours. Volunteer/Comm. Experience: (not underserved = 190) . Underserved = 1,099 (In Uganda, Mexico, rural Alaska, downtown LA, and Orange County beach areas). Age: 24 No Master's Degree, no military experience
  6. Congratulations!! It's probably a good sign about your competitiveness for their program that you heard back so quickly!
  7. Just because someone else asked me the same thing, I have it in front of me: Submitted night of June 19th (received confirmation email June 20th), invite received August 12th.
  8. I'm interviewing Sep. 10th at 1pm. It's my first invite to interview, in my second application cycle. Good luck to everyone!!
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