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  1. I'm sorry to ask but why would you be willing to go to a 3 year program instead of a 2 year program, with a tuition of 160k+???? I never applied to USC for these reasons.
  2. Got the call for the interview, will most likely be turning it down due to 3 other interview invites and an acceptance already. Good luck to you all!
  3. Received my email for the interview a few weeks ago, will most likely be turning it down though. That should open a spot for one of you! Best of luck! This was my 3rd interview invite with one acceptance given already, I heard Western is mainly into primary care which is not the specialty I am going for.
  4. Me too!!!!! I’m so excited to begin this new journey. I look forward to learning and growing with you all, congrats to everyone who’s getting the calls today!
  5. I got invited for the interview on 05/20, interviewing on 06/14 as well! See you all there! (SO EXCITED) sGPA 3.9 cGPA 3.7 18,000 hours as a critical care respiratory therapist, NICU, adult, peds, pulmonary, etc...
  6. I was also declined, probably due to my low GRE. I have a 3.9 science, 3.7 pre req, 3.7 overall GPA with 17,000 hours of PCE in critical care, NICU, etc as an Respiratory therapist.
  7. When was your application completed? Congratulations!! Would you also mind sharing your GRE, GPA, and HCE type?
  8. My application was complete May 8, does that mean I didn’t qualify for the early decision? Not sure if the deadline was April 15 or May 15.
  9. For those who were accepted congratulations! Did you all receive an interview or did anyone get accepted without an interview? Good luck to you all!
  10. Last years thread shows everyone began receiving calls on exactly June 15-18. We should expect similar time frames for our cycle. 2-3 more weeks
  11. Has anyone been accepted yet? If you do could you please share your stats (HCE type, Cumulative GPA, pre req GPA, GRE) Thank you and good luck everyone!
  12. Has anyone been offered an acceptance yet?! Please share your GPA, health care experience and hour, GRE if possible! Very excited for this journey, to be accepted into this program would be a dream come true.
  13. Congratulations!!! Would you mind sharing your stats?! HCE type and hours, cumulative GPA, GRE scores? Thank you and best of luck to you!
  14. Hi everyone! First of all I’m very happy to have the chance to speak to people just as nervous as I am. I was wondering if anyone had some advice on my profile, I’ve recently completed my application for Yale Online. This is my primary choice for PA school so I really hope I get in! Clinical experience: 6 years as an RRT, RPFT, NPS, ACCS (Respiratory Therapist) in ICU, NICU, ER, transport, research, PFT, etc.. GPA: around 3.7 I think? Im taking my GRE in a few weeks but I don’t believe I’ll do well. I haven’t taken geometry and algebra in over 10 years and the GRE tests these heavily, will this adversely affect my chances? With the nature of my work and school schedule I wasn’t able to prepare for this in advance.
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