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  1. This is sort of my thought, but I'm thinking of the emotional stress of re-applying, the sheer time (missed salary, yes!), and the cost of reapplying. I want to avoid all of these things! I'm hoping to spend less than $2500 including supplementals. CASPA alone will be ~$1000
  2. How late did you apply to be verified by 6/29? I want to apply early but also don't want to rush my application. Also would share rough estimate of what it cost to apply to that many programs? (can PM me) I want to apply to 12-14
  3. I don't think they'll send rejections until after interviews even if they aren't sending out anymore invites. And some schools don't send out anything unfortunately
  4. Did anyone receive an interview invite after April 2nd? Do we think/know they that are done sending out invites?
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