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  1. Just received verification of my application today! Does anyone have input as to how long until you received an invite to complete modules/follow up after submitting?
  2. I just received my acceptance as well! I'm not sure, but I would love it if we could all start one!
  3. Good to know! I am so nervous to hear back, hoping for the best.
  4. Hi! Both interviews went well, different formats but the faculty at both schools were extremely kind and engaging. I got the impression that they truly just wanted to gain an appreciation for you as a student and individual. Which school are you interviewing with?
  5. Hi Everyone! I interviewed last Saturday and was really impressed with the program, its faculty, and the student body. It has a very intimate, community all-for-one environment that I am so enthusiastic about. Fingers crossed to hear back soon, this is definitely my top choice! And congrats to all that have already been accepted!
  6. Hi All, I have received an acceptance from Touro U Nevada and had an interview with Pacific University in Oregon recently as well. Should I be accepted into both programs does anyone have input in the comparison between reputability of the two? I really liked both, for different reasons. It is so hard to gain a full appreciation of preference through only a zoom interview. Thanks!
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