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  1. Reject here! I was initially pretty bummed to get this news as Western would have been probably the easiest school for me to attend without up and moving away from my current homebase for the next two years. However, after reading current and past student comments regarding the program and level of attention given to the cohort by faculty, I feel like maybe this was meant to be for me. I interviewed/was accepted to five other programs besides this one, Western being my last interview and definitely having a weird/off-putting vibe. I walked away from that ten minutes feeling like I could have g
  2. Same! Excited to meet you in person! YAY Still wondering if someone has started a FB page for accepted students
  3. Hi Anna! I believe I was in your interview group! I was accepted as well Are you planning on attending the meridian campus? -Kaitlin
  4. Just received verification of my application today! Does anyone have input as to how long until you received an invite to complete modules/follow up after submitting?
  5. I just received my acceptance as well! I'm not sure, but I would love it if we could all start one!
  6. Good to know! I am so nervous to hear back, hoping for the best.
  7. Hi! Both interviews went well, different formats but the faculty at both schools were extremely kind and engaging. I got the impression that they truly just wanted to gain an appreciation for you as a student and individual. Which school are you interviewing with?
  8. Hi Everyone! I interviewed last Saturday and was really impressed with the program, its faculty, and the student body. It has a very intimate, community all-for-one environment that I am so enthusiastic about. Fingers crossed to hear back soon, this is definitely my top choice! And congrats to all that have already been accepted!
  9. Hi All, I have received an acceptance from Touro U Nevada and had an interview with Pacific University in Oregon recently as well. Should I be accepted into both programs does anyone have input in the comparison between reputability of the two? I really liked both, for different reasons. It is so hard to gain a full appreciation of preference through only a zoom interview. Thanks!
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