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  1. Just got accepted from today's interview! Can't wait to meet everyone! Also looking for a roommate near the school in TN!
  2. Hey! The interview questions are really just looking to get to know you. There aren't any necessarily hard questions, just be honest. Everyone takes turns answering so its just a more effective way of interviewing more people at once
  3. interviewing 4/24 virtually! Any advice on virtual interviews greatly appreciated
  4. Interviewing 4/17 as well! Looking forward to it! Any advice from previous interviewees? Or what to expect?
  5. Also waitlisted, I asked about rank and they said they dont disclose it... whyyyy
  6. No that makes sense! They gave me different answers
  7. Did someone tell you all the spots were taken? I was told they would have decisions made by end of March so I havent given up hope!
  8. I was debating asking, but they said in 3 weeks we would know. It will be 3 weeks from my interview on Thursday 3/5.
  9. I asked about the status of my application because I heard they weren't holding interviews anymore and I was told my application is still under consideration. This is odd considering some of you reported they were done?
  10. Just interviewed today 2/13! Anxiously awaiting an answer lemme know if yall hear anything!
  11. Anybody find out their number on the waitlist yet?? I have been checking my email like crazy!
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