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  1. Waitlisted for an interview, does anyone know how likely we are to get pulled?
  2. I will be interviewing on October 29th! Does anyone know what the interview is like (traditional vs MMI etc?) I cant seem to find any information.
  3. I really liked this school but just finished my last prerequisite, do you think it is too late for me to apply with their admissions being rolling?
  4. lkayprepa

    Adding PCE hours

    I am wondering the same thing!
  5. I am also having difficulty finding further information beyond the goals highlighted on their website. If anyone has info they heard at a session or another resource please let us know!
  6. I just received my interview invitation! Does anyone have information from their interview that was worth sharing? From what you all have said it sounds pretty laid back which is a relief to hear!
  7. Carroll's admissions are not rolling correct?
  8. Do most applicants complete the diversity statement? I submitted mine without one and am wondering if I should ask if I am able to submit one through email etc. Mainly just wondering whether it seems to be make or break on the app. Thanks for any help guys!
  9. If I review and finalize my transcripts while still having a class in progress will I be able to return later to put my grade once it is in?
  10. Hi everyone! I am hoping to apply in the coming application cycle but am unsure if I am competitive in certain areas. If anyone also has recommendations for schools that would fit well with my stats please let me know! BS Neurobiology, minor in Business GPA: 3.98, science GPA: 4.00, last 60 or so credits: 4.00 GRE: 166 QR, 160 VR, 5 writing PCE: 1,600 as phlebotomist (around 2000 at time of application submission) Research: 2 yrs in radiation oncology transitional research lab (no pt contact) Volunteering: 350 hours (working with a disabled woman, animal shelter, food pantry, hippotherapy) Involvement: Pre-health org (Exec board 2 yrs), service fraternity (Alpha Phi Omega, exec board 1 yr), online peer support organization (messaging students that submit in need of advice / support) Shadowing: 65 with PA's (ER, UC, Gyn Onc), 30 MD (Family), 40 Veterinary (Onc, Surgery), 10 Paramedic LOR: one neurobiology professor, PA I shadowed, clinical supervisor Are there any schools I would have a better chance at with a high GPA but low PCE? Any advice or thoughts are appreciated!
  11. lkayprepa

    Submission Dates

    Are you able to submit your application for some schools earlier than others? I will be applying to a few schools with rolling admissions, and other schools which I do not meet the PCE requirement until about July. Thanks for any help!
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