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  1. Did everyone who already interviewed wear a full suit with a jacket? And did anyone bring copies of their resume with them? Also were there any interview questions that stumped you or that you found odd? Any advice is appreciated!!! This is only my second interview.
  2. Has anyone heard back from the July 9/10 interview??? If we haven't heard does that mean we are denied
  3. Hey guys! I am extremely nervous for my interview and was wondering if any of the June interviewees could help me with what interview questions to prepare for? Or anyone who has interviewed at this school before? I would greatly appreciate it!!
  4. Hi everyone, I really really want to be a physician assistant, but I don't have the most outstanding test scores or grades. I was wondering if you all could give me your opinion on if I have any chance at all of getting into a PA program. My overall GPA was a 3.30 and my science GPA was a 3.27. I took the GRE and got a 155 on verbal, but only a 145 on the quantitative section, and a 4.0 on the writing section. I will have 1,720 hours of healthcare experience working as a CNA by the time I am planning to apply to physician assistant programs. I also have 24 hours of shadowing PAs as experi
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