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  1. Hey guys, I gave up my 12/9 interview spot after being accepted elsewhere. Hope this opens an opportunity for someone else!!
  2. It's within 2 weeks of receiving your acceptance, I believe. Also, does anyone know if a FB group has been created for those accepted yet?
  3. I gave up my interview spot on 11/17 after being accepted elsewhere today. Hope this helps someone out!
  4. Anyone else interviewing tomorrow? Good luck to everyone!
  5. To anyone who thinks they're out of the running, I just got the secondary review email this morning and I sent in all my materials by the end of May (except my CASPer in July). And I'm an alum lol
  6. Interviewing 11/6!!! To anyone who's worried, I got this invite 2 days ago and I literally hadn't heard anything since submitting the end of June. 3.66 cGPA, 3.45 sGPA, 157/158/4.5 GRE, ~3500 PCE, ~600 HCE, ~800 volunteer hours
  7. Anyone else interviewing 10/29? Best of luck to all of you and congrats to everyone who was already accepted!!
  8. I never got one either, just a receipt for the supplemental app fee
  9. There's no section for that, you haven't missed anything.
  10. Do you mind sharing the email address you sent your questions to? I am so sorry, I don't want to just email a random faculty member who may not be involved in admissions or the general gradadmissions@desales.edu one. Thanks so much
  11. Thank you for replying, I will definitely email them. I have taken one English course at the college level (it was a Writing for the Health Professions class required for my major), but since I passed both my junior and senior year AP English exams in high school, I had no need to take any other English comp courses
  12. Does anyone know if DeSales will accept AP credit for English courses?
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