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  1. The thing with PA school chances are it is VERY dependent on which schools you apply to. You need to do research on some top school choices and go to their webpages and find out what the stats of their most cohort were. This lets you know if your stats are in line with what they have accepted. Your GPAs will likely not be an issue at any school but some schools may want more PCE or letters from people that can attest to those clinical skills. GRE factors into some schools, but not others. The point here is that you need to research each school you wish to apply to and match your stats with their averages. If they are close, then you'd like have a good shot.
  2. Per their website... All courses taken to satisfy the requirements must be taken from a regionally (North American) accredited institution. Each course must be completed at a grade level of “C” or better and must be completed prior to the December class matriculation. All courses are subject to approval by the Admissions Committee and cannot be taken on a Pass/Fail basis, as CLEP credit, or audited.
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