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  1. Yes. Everything was complete. They were pretty specific that they will not offer unless those are completed. I asked if they would hold the offer and she said they would essentially skip you and you could lose out if they fill the class before your stuff is completed. Unlikely, but they mean business !
  2. I was offered a seat today. Pretty excited as this was my Top choice. Good luck to everyone !
  3. @Hmhguy95 nice statement. Some feedback. Why do you want to be a PA? Your statement talks about what you do now and that you DO want to be a PA...but WHY? I think that is missing/lacking. Suggestions: Intro paragraph to introduce yourself and why you want to be a PA... then, 2-3 paragraphs about your experiences (both life and PCE) and how they have helped confirm/shape your decision to be a PA and how those experiences can help you during PA school and as a practicing PA...these can be stories from your PCE or personal life, etc, but I would refrain from getting into too much detail about the specifics of what you did as a scribe or AT as the question is "why do you want to be a PA?" so, instead, match the skills of these jobs with the skills needed to be a PA and discuss how these experiences confirmed your decision to pursue a PA. Conclusion tying together your reasonings for wanting to be a PA, your PCE, and your unique qualities that would make you a good PA candidate. This, I feel, will help your statement flow and actually answer the question. Good luck!
  4. My advice: GPA: Looks solid and very competitive PCE: Scribe is still viewed by most schools as good PCE, but be sure that you check. Some schools rank PCE (tier 1, 2, etc.) and those that do have scribe in a lower tier. 2600 is a good amount of hours and is on the mid-range side. This likely isn't hurting you. Shadowing: Fine. GRE: This may be your issue. If your Quant is that low (less than 40-45%) that will likely DQ you from schools that require GREs. Trying applying to schools that do not require GRE, or retake it. Volunteering: Maybe... but I had very little and got a lot of interviews. I don't think a lack of volunteer hours hurts you if you shine elsewhere. This obviously isn't helping your application, but it's debatable if its hurting you. So this tells me that you're lacking in your personal statement and/or LOR. Your stats (mainly GPA, PCE) are high enough to get adcom to look at your application, but they seem to be passing over it. LIkely as they "deep dive" they are seeing things they don't like. Be sure your LOR know you well and give you great reviews. Be sure you are genuine in your personal statement and explain why you want to be a PA.
  5. I took ALL of my pre-reqs at a community college. I applied to 9 schools, got 8 interviews. So I say go for it as there are only a handful of schools that specifically state they want pre req at a 4 year school.
  6. The thing with PA school chances are it is VERY dependent on which schools you apply to. You need to do research on some top school choices and go to their webpages and find out what the stats of their most cohort were. This lets you know if your stats are in line with what they have accepted. Your GPAs will likely not be an issue at any school but some schools may want more PCE or letters from people that can attest to those clinical skills. GRE factors into some schools, but not others. The point here is that you need to research each school you wish to apply to and match your stats with their averages. If they are close, then you'd like have a good shot.
  7. Per their website... All courses taken to satisfy the requirements must be taken from a regionally (North American) accredited institution. Each course must be completed at a grade level of “C” or better and must be completed prior to the December class matriculation. All courses are subject to approval by the Admissions Committee and cannot be taken on a Pass/Fail basis, as CLEP credit, or audited.
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