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  1. Hi guys, current Gannon PA student here. Haven’t been to the forum in a year so I decided to drop by and see what the next round of applicants are talking about and see if I can help. I also might be procrastinating on studying for my finals. Anyways, the school created a Facebook page for us all to connect in January of this year. They will send you an email with the link to it when they get it set up. I think most of the acceptances are sent out by then. Good luck to you all!
  2. For everyone wanting to know if the class is full or not, all I can tell you is that there are currently 23 students that are a part of the cohort Facebook page. There could be more, but that’s what I know.
  3. I interviewed 7/23 and was waitlisted on 8/21. Still haven’t heard yay or nay, but interviews are going until October. I suspect waitlisted people won’t receive offers until those are done.
  4. Awesome to hear! Do you happen to know how many students they send interviews to each cycle?
  5. I would say no. Especially the dude who said his dad wrote him a LOR, that's really unethical as your dad of course is going to write you an outstanding letter. Your brother-in-law provided you with good insight through shadowing, but again, I think it is unethical / goes against the rules to have a family member write your letter. Lets be honest, they're going to be unfairly biased in your favor rather than impartial.
  6. Hello, looking for advice. I am taking a 6-week cellular biology course currently and was going to ask my professor for a LOR. I know it’s not that long to be in class, but it’s been a couple years since I’ve had a science course on campus and don’t believe my professors from then would remember me. I am trying to “stand out” by being engaged in class discussions and plan to come for office visits so that my teacher can get to know me a bit better. Some PA schools require an academic letter and this is the best I’ve got. My question is, is this too short a time period to get a quality LO
  7. Thank you so much for your feedback! It’s really refreshing to hear the truth, that’s what I wanted. I know my paper is pretty boring and I really didn’t want to use a quote anyways. I just really don’t know how to answer the prompt in such short characters, which is why my essay is segmented into ideas, albeit in chronological order. I don’t want to bore people to death with my essay but im also not trying to write a drama novel. I will scan over your editing suggestions when I have a moment. Thank you again.
  8. Thanks for your feedback aba51! I tried to make it easy and straightforward to read, however it concerns me that you said it sounds kind of like your essay It’s hard to try to “stand out” yet get to the point in only 5,000 characters. I put in the paragraph about the blood pressure because I feel like it shows that I have good judgment, which is a necessary quality of a PA. I don’t outright say it, but I’m trying to let the example speak for itself. I’m not totally committed to the intro or conclusion. I’m brainstorming ideas on how to reinvent them to make me stand out mor
  9. I am a second time applicant and I decided to post my essay for feedback because I'm at that insane cycle of loving what I've done and then hating it and revising. I have about 1,000 hours as a pharmacy tech and over 5,000 hours in direct patient care working as a CNA in a nursing home and on the med/surg unit of a hospital, as well as being a medical assistant in a private practice where I help with medical procedures. Not sure what my GPA is currently as calculated by CASPA, but I am willing to say it is at a 3.5-3.6 or above since I re-took a class and added additional classes since the la
  10. Hi Danglebrooks01, I think that your essay definitely stands out and you have an interesting way to carry your theme. The problem is that your transitions don't mesh well with the rest of the paragraph. I liked how in the first paragraph you went over how certain aspects of basketball relate to the medical field, but you stopped doing that in the paragraphs after, so it made the transitions and body of your paragraphs disjointed. I would also start a new paragraph with the line "As I worked throughout the night", because it goes into a whole new train of thought than the beginning of the
  11. So, from years of reading blogs and watching videos on how to write the PA personal narrative, I will give you my opinion based upon what I have learned. in my honest opinion I think your essay could use a lot of editing. For starters, the first two paragraphs waste a lot of words with redundant sentences and ones that don't actually convey any relevant information. I would cut out everything you wrote about not being sure of what to do or of going to college, it's not important and doesn't give the reader a strong initial impression that you have the motivation and determination you spend th
  12. II think that you talk too much about other people in your essay. I would shorten your shadowing experiences and elaborate more on your own experiences as a CNA and what qualities makes YOU likely to be able to fill that role. Show, don't tell. Do this by giving specific examples of times when your leadership/teamwork skills accomplished something difficult, for example. Best of luck!
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