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  1. @Iammyself how long was your interview.. What kind of questions did they ask?.
  2. This morning around 10ish... I was surprised myself especially with the program starting so soon. Financial Aid has to be completed, documents need to be filled out, etc. Its a lot!
  3. Thank you, But virtual interviews are still ongoing....so It may take a few more weeks for final decisions to be made. I spoke with admissions, not to long ago!
  4. I wonder if they will push it back ...because of accreditation and since they just changed the deadline date as well. Things will be very rushed if not.. Just an opinion....
  5. Where did you see this, exactly? Once you logged into the application portal or on the main website??
  6. Does anyone when know when the program will actually start since the application deadline and interview dates were pushed back?
  7. If you don't mind my asking, how long was your application under review before hearing back from the admissions committee for your interview?
  8. My bio 2 and chem1/ chem 2 prerequisites were taken more than 8 years ago. However, I have taught/tutored both subjects for the past few years. I am professional tutor online and I am also employed with a charter school where I also teach multiple sciences with biology and chemistry being two in particular. My supervisor submitted a letter on my behalf stating that I teach these subjects, do you think this will suffice for the admissions committee? Its under review at the moment.
  9. Hoping you made it through!!!! Congrats on your interview!!!!!
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