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  1. Just got an interview invite today for August 24th!! So excited!!
  2. Same here. I applied June 1st and got the confirmation email on June 4th. Nothing else since then. No news is good news!
  3. Would you be willing to share how the interview day went? I'm curious as to how a full day of virtual interviews is! I hope it went really well for you!
  4. I saw on the pre-PA facebook group a girl posted she received an interview invite on june 30th
  5. In the email I received they said interviews will begin in September and continue into 2021!
  6. Wondering the same thing. Still waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed!
  7. i received an interview for August 18th as well! Looking forward to meeting you all!
  8. Thank you! About how long did it take for you to get the email? Sometimes my emails go to peoples spam boxes so I just want to make sure they got my email confirming I want the interview so just looking for a general timeframe.
  9. congratulations to those of you that have been accepted to one of the South’s!! did you have to complete your background check, fingerprints, etc. before being accepted?
  10. hey! i just got offered an interview today. could you explain where you found info about the background check?
  11. are people going to attend the interview tips webinar? I am curious as to how long it is because I have work that day
  12. yes! so add a new experience with the 200 hours or however many hours you have worked since you submitted. I’ve gotten advice to only do this one a month at most.
  13. You can not make edits to previous entries you must create a new experience
  14. For those of you that have been accepted would you mind sharing when you submitted your application?
  15. congratulations!!! would you mind sharing your stats?
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