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  1. I just got rejected via email. I have accepted a seat elsewhere but am glad to hear something back from UAB!
  2. Wow that seriously stinks if it’s true. Thanks for letting us know! If anyone hears anything, let us know. I haven’t heard anything so far about waitlist/rejection either.
  3. Anyone heard anything yet about waitlist/rejection? They had sent out waitlist/rejection emails by this point last year so I was just wondering, but I haven’t received anything yet.
  4. I was also taken off the waitlist this morning at about 10:30!! I'm still in shock! Everyone who is waiting, don't lose hope, they are still making phone calls. Congratulations to everyone else who has gotten a call!!
  5. Congrats!! Does the email say there is a deadline for putting the deposit down for those who have already been accepted? If so would you mind sharing when that is? Thanks!
  6. Anyone on the waitlist heard back after the deadline for the first wave of acceptances?
  7. When do you think we may hear back? They said something about around Thanksgiving, but I know in the past they have started calling before then.
  8. Congratulations!! That's amazing!! Around what time did they call you?
  9. I almost wish I hadn't read this thread because now I'm going to get nothing done for the rest of the day, at least nothing I have to really concentrate on, haha! Best of luck to you, and congratulations to the poster who shared that they got the phone call!
  10. I too am waiting! They told us around today we should hear back.
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