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  1. I apologize for the late response. I did not get noticed of this message. No, I did not. I just tried to make my second application stronger. I rewrote my essay, took an extra 6 wk biochem class, and kept volunteering. I also asked for more responsibilities at work, so I had more variety to list on my current position. I wish you the best, this is a stressful time. Remember to breathe and relax! You got this!!
  2. Oh no!!!!! Call them and see if you can do a video interview? Just call. First thing and email.
  3. Use the A class as your prerequisite fulfillment. It doesn’t matter if you have a C in a different class. Be prepared to discuss it if they bring it up during the interview. I also have a C in OChem, I have been accepted to several schools this cycle. Trust me, don’t sweat it! Good luck to you.
  4. Best wishes to all interviewing on the 16th! Just remember to breathe and relax, they just want to get to know you. Everyone I met was super nice. Great experience overall. High fives to everyone!!!!
  5. They are not sharing that information. I've talked with them on the phone.
  6. It will be interesting. I just applied recently also.
  7. I am devastated this program did not get their accreditation this application cycle. Good luck to all who were accepted and now have to continue the process.
  8. That’s what I said. They said they have no reason to believe they will not pass.
  9. I called and asked. UVU said they will know around the end of October if they passed or not.
  10. Wow, already got my acceptance call this afternoon! That was so fast.
  11. Does anybody know what day in Sept their Accreditation Meeting is? I'm getting antsy.
  12. Yes, I know I am. I’d hate to miss out on something important. Wish it was more of a notice though. I will have to miss an hour of work.
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