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  1. Ah gotcha! I found the emails of the two people who interviewed me online so I did send them short thank you notes
  2. Thanks!! Yeah I had my interview on Wednesday and they said the same but I’m really hoping it’s sooner. The waiting game is already tough do you know how long it’s been since the first round of interviews?
  3. Has anyone heard back from the first round of interviews? I'm just wondering what the turn around time is for hearing back! Thanks
  4. I was received/verified by Rutgers on 5/26! Based on that, I’m guessing you’ll get your interview date very soon!
  5. Just got my interview date for August 4th! Received the interview invitation on 6/8.
  6. I received the same email and I checked the website right after and it now says a minimum of 3.3, I guess it was updated at some point. Good luck with your other apps!!
  7. Me too! I'm assuming the time frame to accept will be from the time of the email and not the time of the phone call hoping for an email this week!
  8. You sounds like an awesome applicant with so much to bring to a program, I'm really sorry they didn't see that I'm sure another program will see all you can offer, best of luck
  9. Received my acceptance call today! Best of luck to everyone!! I think Marist does a great job of looking at applications holistically. I did not have the strongest sGPA or the highest amount of PCE but I had a lot of variety in my experiences, a strong personal statement, and I believe very strong LOR's from a PA and a physician I work clinically with, an academic professor, and previous employer. I also had a lot of research experience which I think is unique. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions, I'll try to answer them
  10. Hi, I received a secondary app on 6/10! My app was confirmed by Cornell on 5/15. Best of luck to everyone
  11. Via zoom! In the email they mentioned that all interviews conducted this cycle will be online in order to give fairness for all applicants!
  12. Email! But I also got an email when I was told my application was sent to committee for review, not a phone call like others have gotten so not sure if that makes a difference
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