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  1. Thank you. I did check their admissions page, but I wanted to double check the forum before I sent an email.
  2. Hi guys! So this program does not require the CASPer exam, correct? Thank you.
  3. Hi guys, so from my understanding, CASPer is not required for this school? I believe it is only required for the AZ program location.
  4. Does anyone know if all the seats are filled yet or not? I was hoping to get pulled off the waiting list but it’s getting pretty late so I’m worried
  5. Does anyone know when they will be taking people off the waitlist? I have called and emailed them last month to get more information but didn't get much of a response. I really like this school!
  6. Did anyone on the waitlist just get an email to confirm that they want to stay active on the waitlist? What does this mean? I’m dying! Does it mean we will hear soon if we get off of it?
  7. Does anyone have any theories on how many seats are left?
  8. I was just invited to interview on Oct 25th! So excited! I’m not a TX native and I think I’ll be staying in town for a few nights. If anyone is interviewing on that date and wants to meet up let me know! Congrats everyone!
  9. @marikorising @futurepahokie If you all are comfortable, I’d love to know what your stats were and what you think helped you get accepted. Congrats!
  10. So I’m guessing if we haven’t received a request to fill out a supplemental app by now then they are not interested? Right? I assumed the supplemental apps were due with their deadline
  11. Just received an interview invite for Lexington campus but I’ll be interviewing at Morehead on August 2nd! Mines at 1:30. If you all want to meet up beforehand for coffee and ease our nerves, let me know.
  12. I got an email saying UK will notify regarding interviews this Friday on the 26th
  13. Hey guys! Just starting the thread for this cycle! August will be here before we know it! I know UK typically does interviews the first week of August. If anyone has any interview tips from past interviews, let us know!
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