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  1. I brought a pretty large purse and don’t regret it one bit. I brought a granola bar and water (most interviews supplied this though) and then made sure to have aspirin, chapstick, mini deodorant, and mints! Every interview I went to had either a designated spot for our stuff or I just put my purse under the chair I was sitting in. 10/10 recommend and others will thank you for sharing the goods...although I’m not so sure about sharing the deodorant. Good luck!
  2. The program I start this fall is $54,000 tuition per year in CA where apartments are $1200-$2000 for something “cheap” so I’m looking at around $190,000 for the whole program after calculating in all of my current/future bills, rent, gas, etc. Quite intimidating.
  3. This is definitely something I am going to do to help put myself a little more ease so thank you for sharing. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I have looked at some of the repayment programs and potential fin aide I could be offered but obviously they have their own pros and cons in terms of location and specialty. I also understand I could qualify for more options if I’m more open-minded to what’s available through these programs, so thank you. Thank you for the information, I really appreciate it. I think I was having a mild freak out aft
  4. Hey all, I have been accepted to a program in CA and am mildly freaking out about how much debt I am going to be in when all is said and done... Tuition is around $54,000 per year and then after calculating in all of my recurring bills and the estimated cost of a “higher end apartment” for $2000/month my total for both years is around $200,000...obviously I am going to try and find an apartment for cheaper (hopefully less than $1500 but it’s not looking good in terms of safety and location). I am really not liking these numbers and this was the only program I was accepted to...t
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