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  1. The program I start this fall is $54,000 tuition per year in CA where apartments are $1200-$2000 for something “cheap” so I’m looking at around $190,000 for the whole program after calculating in all of my current/future bills, rent, gas, etc. Quite intimidating.
  2. This is definitely something I am going to do to help put myself a little more ease so thank you for sharing. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I have looked at some of the repayment programs and potential fin aide I could be offered but obviously they have their own pros and cons in terms of location and specialty. I also understand I could qualify for more options if I’m more open-minded to what’s available through these programs, so thank you. Thank you for the information, I really appreciate it. I think I was having a mild freak out after receiving my fin aide package yesterday but after reading everyone’s experiences (on here and other postings) I am feeling more confident in my ability to pay them off in the future.
  3. Hey all, I have been accepted to a program in CA and am mildly freaking out about how much debt I am going to be in when all is said and done... Tuition is around $54,000 per year and then after calculating in all of my recurring bills and the estimated cost of a “higher end apartment” for $2000/month my total for both years is around $200,000...obviously I am going to try and find an apartment for cheaper (hopefully less than $1500 but it’s not looking good in terms of safety and location). I am really not liking these numbers and this was the only program I was accepted to...the program in my current state is only $87,000 for the WHOLE program where rent is MUCH cheaper...but I was dropped from the “active consideration” list here unfortunately AND the program is not yet accredited... Has anyone else been in this same situation and or does anyone advise trying to apply again to go somewhere cheaper? I know my chances will be slim regardless because I no longer work in patient care so I feel like my only options are going where I was accepted and being in a ton of debt or start looking at other career paths (which I can’t even imagine doing) I guess I am most worried that I will never be able to get out of debt (dramatization) if I end up only finding a job that pays $85,000 a year and I want to start a life, have kids, etc. Any advice or words of encouragement from those in debt following school please chime in! Thanks!
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