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  1. I am currently a SPC in the Michigan Army National Guard. I enlisted in April 2017 and am interested in applying to the IPAP program, and like everyone else, I just had some general questions that I was hoping people that are enrolled in the program right now, or have just graduated in recent years could answer for me. What are the normal hours like every day? Do you feel like there is enough time to manage studying/sleep/having any kind of a social life? Do you wear uniform every day, or do you get to wear civilians? Classes are just during the week, correct? Are you provided a place to stay off base? If so, is it an apartment or dorm room style? Do you have roommates? Once graduated, I've read about having to 'pay back' two years as on officer. Will that still be in a National Guard position? Or do I have to go active? Do you get leave/breaks? How are the semesters broken up? I've heard that it is very competitive to get into the program, especially for NG soldiers. Coming from other NG soldiers that have gotten into the program, what were your stats like? GPA, SAT, shadowing hours, time in service, etc. I would like to see where I stand in relation to you. I've also heard that you need to go to BLC before applying. Is this correct? I believe that is all I have for now. There may be more questions to come. Thank you in advance to everyone that answers.
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