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  1. AmbDav

    NHSC 2019

    Does anyone know for sure whether essays go by the 2500 character limit or 500 word count? It says 500 words in the guidelines but 2500 characters on the application page.
  2. Hi all! I'm Amber! I am from northeast Ohio and was accepted at the April interview! Super stoked to move south and start school! I am a nursing assistant at a small hospital in western Pennsylvania. Congrats everyone on your acceptances!! Update on the FB page, they said hopefully within the next month. I know everyone is probs anxious about it but they said they like to wait until they have a better idea of who is committed to going there. So usually when they have the full class deposited. Does anyone know the official start date of classes? I know orientation is mid-September but they said thats a few weeks before the program actually starts.
  3. AmbDav

    NHSC 2019

    This is what is listed in the application guidance document: Essay 1: How will you contribute to the mission of the National Health Service Corps in providing care to underserved communities? • Essay 2: What experiences have you had or activities have you participated in that have prepared you to work with underserved populations? Essay 3: Please discuss your commitment to pursue a career in primary health care.
  4. Thanks! Yes it is for Knoxville Campus. The Director of PA Admissions is the one that emailed me my interview offer. I simply accepted it and thanked her and that was all the further we corresponded. Sorry!
  5. I submitted my app in October and just got an interview offer today for April!
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