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  1. It opens on November 1st I plan on applying to this program.
  2. I will be applying for the January 2021 start session, and I was wondering what the supplemental application consisted of? Lots of essay questions or inputting info that was already on CASPA?
  3. This is a long shot, but I was wondering if you could tell me when you submitted your CASPA and supplemental application to SLU? I'm considering applying but I'm hesitant since it seems a little late. Any info would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  4. That’s awesome, congrats! May I ask you when you turned in your application?
  5. Under the "volunteer" tab in the supplemental application, what did people put for "experience type"? Putting volunteer for this just seems repetitive. TIA!
  6. Congrats! When were you placed on interview hold?
  7. I have been reading past year's forums, and it seems like those who get placed on interview hold will get invited to interview. However, I'm not going to get excited until I receive an email with a date. Also, I don't believe that anyone who passes the minimum requirements get an interview hold email. We will probably join a pool of interview hold applicants, and then from that pool they decide which applicants will attend the next upcoming interview.
  8. Got placed on interview hold today!
  9. For the supplemental application, what did people put when it asked for “type of activity”? Under the volunteer section I’m not sure what any of my activities would be, other than “volunteer”. Did anyone put something different?
  10. Congrats! When did you submit your app if you don’t mind me asking?
  11. No, I think last years applicants heard back around September.
  12. Can someone tell me a little bit about the supplemental app? Wondering if it’s a bunch of essays or basic info, and how long it will take me. Wondering if it’s too late to apply since interview invites have started to be sent out. Thanks!
  13. For those who were placed on interview hold, when was your application received by the school?
  14. Accepted students, how many hours did you have in the extra document of community service experiences?
  15. @Payr2018 Did you still include that you charted and made beds under the description? Having a hard time figure out what to put under the description of my experiences.
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